Monday, June 08, 2009


Moses, Jesus, and an old man are playing golf. Moses tees up first, and hit a pretty good one right down the middle, but it comes up short of the stream in front of the green and looks like it's going to roll into the water. Of course, the waters part, and the ball rolls up on the green, 1 foot from the hole.

Jesus is next, and he smacks a pretty good one right down the middle, as well. It's only got a little more on it than Moses' shot, though, and it's heading right for the stream. It lands on the stream, and bounces and rolls on the top of the water, right up on the green and only 6 inches from the cup.

The old man's turn is next, and he swings a mighty swing, but the ball begins to slice to the right almost immediately. It hits a tree on the far right, and just as it hits the ground underneath, a squirrel runs up and grabs the ball in his mouth, and proceeds to take off across the fairway. Just then, an eagle spots the rodent from the sky above, and dives down and grabs the squirrel in it's talons. It begins to fly away, gaining altitude, but right out of the lone cloud in the sky comes a bolt of lightening that zaps that poor bird right in the tail feathers, promptly causing him to drop the squirrel from his clutches.

The squirrel falls to the ground next to the stream, and as he hits, the ball pops out of his mouth, bounces off a turtle's shell sunning by the stream, and rolls up onto the green and right into the cup.

Jesus turns to the old man and says, "Nice shot, dad!"