Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Why we don't have Pointers in JAVA

A wierd explanation

N. Wirth's textbook Algorithms + data structures programs (1976) contains the following story in the chapter of dynamic information structures , The story tells a man who describes the misery of his life in the following words:-

"I married a widow who had a grown-up daughter. my father, who visited us quite often, fell in love with my step daughter and married her. hence, my father became my son-in-law, and my step-daughter became my mother. some months later, my wife gave birth to a son, who became the brother in law of my father as well as my uncle.

The wife of my father, that is my step daughter, also had a son. thereby, I got a brother and at the same time a grandson. my wife is my grandmother, since she is my mother's mother. hence, I am my wife's husband and at the same time her step-grandson; in other words, I am my own grandfather. "

I guess that's Why we don't have Pointers in JAVA