Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Mumbai Police

All the police organizations in the world are called to meet at a common place to evaluate the best organization. Only major organizations like the New York Police, the Melbourne Police, Scotland Yard, the Dutch Police and the Mumbai Police pass the elimination round.

Now the task is to select the best one among them. Surprisingly, all the 5 groups do equally well in all the events so the judges put in a last (tiebreaker) event to select the best team.

They set a tiger free into a nearby forest and the team that catches the tiger in the least amount of time is to be declared the winner.

First the Dutch Police go into the jungle and catch the tiger in 30 minutes. Next the Melbourne Police go and return in 20 min. with the tiger. After this the New York police go and catch the tiger in 15 min. Next Scotland Yard detectives go in and catch the tiger in a mere 10 min.

The Mumbai Police have the last slot. The tiger is released and the Mumbai Police start chasing it. 10 min go by.......20 min go by......30 min go by....1 hour passes by....3 hours pass by.

The judges get vexed and decide to go into the jungle in search of the Mumbai Police.

In a short time after getting into the jungle, they are amazed to find a big BEAR tied to a tree trunk, being hit left and right by the Mumbai Police, who are shouting, 'BOL TU SHER HAI ........... SALA BOL ! TU SHER HAI !! " (Tell that you are a tiger)