Thursday, August 26, 2004

Be careful about what you tell ...

During his first three-month evaluation, a rookie cop mentioned to the chief of police that the stress of the job was really starting to wear him down. The chief told the young policeman that whenever he was feeling too tense, he'd go home and make love to his wife for about an hour, which always made him feel better and enabled him to return to work with a much better outlook.

The rookie considered this piece of wisdom and said it sounded like good advice; he'd give it a try and see if it helped.

The next week the chief called the kid in and asked how things were going. The new cop replied that, in fact, just that morning he'd experienced extreme stress and had followed his boss's suggestion, with great success. He felt great.

After being dismissed by his pleased superior, the rookie abruptly halted at the door and said, "Oh, Chief, I almost forgot. Your wife asked me to tell you to pick up some lamb chops for dinner."