Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Why a CS hubby ...

Why Computer Scientist's (CS) wives don't complain................

1. CS hubbies keep BUGS like cockcroaches away from the house. They are professional debuggers.

2. CS hubbies can multitask. They can do housework and office work simultaneously.

3. CS hubbies give their wives a sense of security. They keep Kerberos as pets in the family.

4. There can never be a communication breakdown between CS hubbies and their wives, since CS hubbies are fluent in many languages. Try talking object oriented-ly with them.

5. CS hubbies have ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE on top of their real intelligence, so they are smarter than engineers.

6. CS hubbies are FTP, very Fun To Play. You can even play with them anonymously if you wish.

7. Before he gets into an argument with his wife, a CS hubby will consult the FAQ, which sets the guidelines for him to Forgive And Quarrel. See how rational they are compared to ruthless Engineers?

8. CS hubbies act like real man. When in doubt of their behaviour, they follow the MAN pages.

9. CS hubbies are honest about themselves. What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG).